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Lenzburg dick looking for some lunch time fun

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Full text of " Obelisk II. Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois http: You have to constantly say the word for others Ob-lisk who attempt its pronunciation about half a dozen times.

You have to explain why the first two letters are capital- ized — that the book wasn't published from and that capitalizing the first two letters is symbolic of the sec- ond life of the book.

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And of course it is inevitable that you define exactly what an obelisk is. You have to kill all the nasty Lenzburg dick looking for some lunch time fun that it is a small village in outer Mongolia; that it is Hungarian for "the cattle are dying. Thus the editors usually define it, "You ever seen the Washington Monument? Few know for sure. The alumni of Southern Student attitudes of the year Life on wheels Stripping for tuition Class problems on all four levels The SIU campus is "talking" Studying — nature takes its toll A look at students in shape Salutations with a song What is that art in middle campus?

I was entering the world of fod literate. I would never again have to put up with these anal atrocities.

Unfortunately, I found this to be the biggest fallacy since my parents told me that masturbation would grow hair on the palm of my hand. Now, four years lookin, I am still having to interact with these people and many others of equal worth. In fact, fall semester began with one such encounter. I was enroute ounch the library via Life Science II when I was approached by Lenzburg dick looking for some lunch time fun little guy wondering around in half circles.

His SIU t-shirt was so new that the letters still shown as if they were wet.

The Levis he wore still had the packaged crease in them. His back pack was in mint condi- tion.

Lenzburg dick looking for some lunch time fun I Want Cock

My hunch was right, I discovered, as the little guy began to speak. Can you tell me where Wham is?

I began to give direc- tions to Wham for the eighth time that week. Fof the round building to your left as you walk to Wham.

I felt like I had been swept up into an Abbott and Cos- tello sketch.

I found myself wondering who was on first. Wham is a long building with a passage way cut through it.

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You can't miss it. I still had my doubts as to whether duck would ever get there. I was also approached that week by so,e girl asking for directions to Lawson. I was on my way there myself at the time, so I told Lenzburg dick looking for some lunch time fun I would walk her there. She seemed rather unsure of herself and pretty nervous in To chat with somebody new so I struck up a conversation in attempt to help relieve her first- year fears.

I looked for a smile indi- eating a joke. I entertained the thought of asking her major, but I was afraid she would say engineering technology'. During the third week of the semester, I was plagued with a trip to Woody Hall.

Plagued because it was a neces- sary trip. I always try not to unnecessarily inflict myself with such a trip. There are many reasons for this, one being Woody Hall's tike.

I braced myself as I climbed the steps. I knew what was in store, but not to what extent. She had blonde hair. I noticed, however, that she had brown eyelashes. Maybe there is hope. No, more than large. In fact, her breasts made Mt.

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Everest look like a pim- ple on a plankton's behind. The lights in my head flashed brighter now. A voice from within me yelled out, "Run away! She was both blonde and busty. My great grandfather's words of wisdom ran through my head.

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I continued our conversation in spite of my great grandfa- ther's words. She had totally missed the humor. He's in room — that's on the third floor," she explained. I took another stab at some humor to see if her brain was just in idle or if the battery was shot. Is that why the number begins with three?

I took my looikng ment card and left.

Early second semester I ran into a relic from the 60s. His hair hung past his shoulders. He wore "big bell" Levis that dragged on the ground and a t-shirt with some logo about marijuana or some reference thereof.

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His Levi jacket sported several patches and buttons. One read "Hell no, we won't go. There was a patch-sized circle which was not faded as the rest of the jacket.

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It was no doubt the ex-residence of an "Elect Humphrey" button. I thought of calling the National Archives to see if they were interested, but later declined.

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In our conversation he spoke out against the war. The fact that the U. He later changed the subject to a more cur- rent topic. I wanted to pursue the topic out of purient interest, but was afraid that nuking whales may be some cult related tra- dition involving beastiality.

This man Find Lavon a rebel without a cause — a comrade for all seasons. These odd interactions didn't take place only on campus, however. One night in a bar up town, I witnessed what was one of the worst pick-up attempts I have ever seen. I happened to look up from my beer in time to see a guy come strolling in with his head at a 45 degree tilt upward and a swagger that was a cross between the infamous Bar- barino over 21 walk and the way a person would walk if he or she had a terminal case of constipation.

He picked out his prey and confidently walked over to her table. She turned her head away, but he was in hot pursuit. They probably call you Marilyn. You look just like Marilyn Monroe. His line had worked though. She returned her attention to him. She shook her head no. I walked out Lenzburg dick looking for some lunch time fun of all the odd characters I had encountered in the past months, let alone in the past four years.

I didn't escape any of the odd balls I had so desperately wanted to rid myself of by coming to Lenzburg dick looking for some lunch time fun lege. I had just met a wider assortment.

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There was a hollow feeling in your soul that you were going to die, that you were a nothing. Like maybe you are a shadow on the wall and you keep getting smaller as the sun goes down and you pray that the sun never really goes away.

Lauferbach talking about captivity in Iran.

We will negotiate for it, sacrifice for it; we will not surrender for it — now or ever. Lenzburg dick looking for some lunch time fun, it is precisely that sort of appraisal which I believe we must reject.

The very term 'crisis' implies that events are out of control, timme that our nation can only react. We were promised that many times. We have now decided to demand it by strikes. You can't put it out of your mind for a minute. Truman, 83, owner of the Mount St. Helens Lodge, whose body was never found. Lenzburg dick looking for some lunch time fun fly flew in my room one day and I talked to it. Do you know what I mean? It requires placing limits on idealism, compromising with reality, at times matching 420 female wanted 4 play with duplicity, and even brutality with brutality.

The future belongs dicck those countries that push ahead with nuclear energy. Chrysler can go to Congress for help. These people go down the tube. Harvey Brenner, professor at Johns Hopkins University.