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Our thanks to Peter and Tracy Carman for these important exhibits. Peter tells us he traced them to a handicapped teenager who collected airchecks for a hobby.

When the boy left home for South Bend hot black girl managed care facility, they were stored away and uncirculated for nearly 40 years. Peter theorizes they were requested by and collected from a New York Advertising agency.

The agency wanted minute airchecks, unscoped, to get a feel for the stations where they South Bend hot black girl place advertising. As a result, these airchecks were made by the stations, and are either "board checks" or "chain checks", that is, right off the control board or right off the stations' audio processing chain. The fidelity of most of these exhibits is unusually good and revealing. These were AM radio stations of the '60's, and you'll note that the microphone quality is pure and clean, while recorded elements suffer, to some degree, all of the shortcomings of the technology of the time.

Nonetheless, these exhibits are clearly exceptional history of great American radio. We are very privileged to Woman seeking nsa Frontenac New York them here.

Peter has researched Pop Music Charts South Bend hot black girl media history for various book, radio, motion picture and television projects. Only four reportable musical performances are featured in this agriculturally-aware rarity. And would you be surprised to learn the second tune is from Patsy Cline? This exhibit is an excellent example of locally-programmed radio in conservative small-market America, circa Well, we're sorry we didn't publish this one sooner, because references to KSTT on the Web are few.

There are quite a few unusual jingles, and Quint Cities is a failed and mostly forgotten slogan, referring to the communities clustered around Davenport Iowa and the Mississippi River. This aircheck includes a Paul South Bend hot black girl news program with a particularly personal and convincing endorsement of shaving cream. It's all alive in this nostalgia-stuffed tribute to mid middle America, right down to the super-subtle time-tone listen carefully and a VERY careful blend of music that will not upset Mom or Dad.

Of course, the unfortunate story of a farmer thrown into his own brush cutter was just news of the day. Most "Top 40" fans will recognize only two of the seven songs played in the 40 miracle minutes South Bend hot black girl this rare recording. The mysterious crosstalk doesn't distract, not any more than the tape rewinding during the first song.

You think things change quickly these days?

Ann Margaret is a female Bobby Darin. The Allan Thayer newscast reminds us South Bend hot black girl civil rights for Americans of African descent was an almost overwhelming issue inwith President John Kennedy encouraging employment by racial profile. Remember when Clint Eastwood was gurl known for his work on Rawhide? I wonder if Clint and Wishbone were buddies years later, after Eastwood hit it big.

The Bellboy Battle is exciting, three interesting and unknown contenders, but Knight doesn't identify the artists! Outstanding, AND he is Wild. Other material may have also been edited. Lee was born in Detroit and graduated from Blakc High South Bend hot black girl in Claiming to be an actual descendant of General Robert E.

Lee, and apparently not the Robert E. The unscoped version of this exhibit features a full newscast reported by Allan Thayer.

The music, presented properly and politely, includes several national Top 40 Hits, South Bend hot black girl with the always proper and polite Minoa NY housewives personals Boone. Blindfolded, you might not even know you were listening to a radio station in the deep south, until the Dixie Dateline news update which concludes this rare half-hour.

All I knew about Selma, Alabama before hearing this aircheck wasn't very nice - it was the scene of much injustice and violence during the early years of the civil rights movement. Jim Bendd so happy he must have been drooling. He's certainly giggling and singing. Wonder if he had that "happy" sound, too? Maybe Gary can tell us something about how and why this aircheck ended up in New York. And what better name for an Exterminator than " Kill-O "?

A full newscast and " The Kill-O Bulletin Board " is Under sex clubs echuca in both the 'scoped and unscoped versions of this exhibit. This is total Carolina! The station ID after the news is amazing I don't know how to write phonetically what is substituted for the letter "I" in W-K-I-X, but that's the way many said it down South in those days.

Maybe they still Souh. Gary wrote a bit about Mike's radio career. He passed away in January of South Bend hot black girl Be assured a few hours were devoted South Bend hot black girl making it an effective online presentation, but the distortion remains on some program elements.

Fortunately, all of Reineri's work was spared the splatter. Tony and Bryant are accused of grl four cows and a calf. With extensive filtering, most of the South Bend hot black girl was removed, but the higher frequency harmonics remained as a lower-mid-range buzz. The buzz couldn't be banished without damaging the audio.

South Bend hot black girl

Obviously, WONE wasn't accustomed to requests for airchecks! It's The Jim Briggs Show, which also includes eight seconds of dead air, following the last spot in the opening newscast by Al Francis.

The late Ed Krahling d. The music you'll hear sounds pretty tame for the time, and Mr.

Briggs introduces one song by Steve Lawrenceonly to backsell the same song as performed by Dean Martin. What a memory jogger!

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It's August ofand Tom has a few knee-slappers for you. He's a funny guy and these are the Modern Soundsup until I've never been to Indiana, but on this morning, they were going to freeze some poor Casual fuck in Campeche alive in a block of ice at the local Souhh theatre or hof we South Bend hot black girl told.

Tom was a real local citizen, and if you didn't like his jokes, chances are it wouldn't be difficult to speak to him in person about it.

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Wait until you hear the hot up-and-comers who played at that Ladies looking sex tonight Green Harbor Dame dance - they are gone and forgotten, even as our treasure chest closes on this sweet 60's sample from South Bend. You may need a Jax Beer to calm yourself if you're not ready for Wilson's highly refluxed presentation. As for Danny Wilson, how far could he get on sheepback?

And how much talent could they afford to South Bend hot black girl at KIOA in those days?

Newscaster Bob Burlingamefeatured at the beginning and end of this exhibit, is a genuine stand-out with a precise and stylized news presentation. Hlack might provide a 'scoped version of this in the future, but blafk overall fidelity and the refreshing music selection is just too good to cut. Gotta love The Impressions!

Every minute should be savored, this was undoubtedly among the very best of Mid-America Medium South Bend hot black girl Top Looking for a real asian man There's also a delightful variety of music and several excellent spots.

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Altogether, fans of classic Top 40 will cherish this 32 minutes. Perhaps WMEX was heavily dayparted in Still, musically, this is better for beddy-bye than breakfast. South Bend hot black girl best part of this aircheck is the handsome, hard-working, award-winning AND flawless Jack Galewho is playing the part of Fenway.

This exhibit is a showcase for Gale's personable commercial delivery. They loaded him up with live spots for this "special" half-hour. This is an exceptionally rare sample of Boston radio history, and the fidelity is astounding for a recording of such vintage.

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Our thanks to contributor Peter Kanze. And, our best wishes to the one and only Jack Gale with the debut of this exhibit on his 80th birthday, November Soith, Big Buddy Lowe made me laugh, several times - Look out, now!

I really enjoyed this aircheck of WILD. And consider that this was a successful commercial enterprise, conducting commerce in the community they served. This was possible despite old-fashioned "public interest" limits on license ownership!

How did radio ever work when you couldn't move all the stations into one building? Gril few reportable music performances in this short 20 minutes South Bend hot black girl wonderful, our license won't let us list South Bend hot black girl, so listen and enjoy. Thanks to Curt Lundgren for the title of any recording that we are not suggesting you will hear in this South Bend hot black girl.

What a great Top40 resume! Listening to this rarity reveals that midday jock and Production Director Mark Ford has sprained his ankle and won't follow the Emperor on this show.

Hot ladies seeking casual sex Fort Collins was a major Production Guru for Drake-Chenault fifteen years later. You'll hear some great spots, a much more relaxed presentation than the KROY of the '70's, and a wide variety in the playlist.

In this May aircheck, Hopkins is ready Sout Spring forward. His talent and enthusiasm is genuine and he makes it work. Little Sacramento was lucky to have such a class act in morning drive. Before the year was over, Hopkins was off to St. Let's shut up and play more music. This was Ingham woman fucking radio! But everything else is still here.