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His wife is nice but I know she gets tired of his over night hours. He gets a room across the street because it's crazy busy this season. I wouldn't want my husband to have a work "wife". Why Luxas you want your Casual sex Fort Saint John to have a "work wife" if that is essentially your job in relation to your boss?

What are you doing for your boss that you don't want another woman doing for Lady looking real sex Lucas husband? I don't get it. Is he unable to look in the mirror? This is not even funny.

Is it okay to buy him birthday gifts and breakfast too? Prepare for the same or worse when you marry, sweetie. My husband only has 2 "other women" Lady looking real sex Lucas his life: I don't expect any new ones Lady looking real sex Lucas come around, mostly because hubby doesn't play that.

He doesn't desire that potential drama, which puts me at ease. The female friend he has is really, truly, like family. We were actually over her family's house for the holiday. So as far as the other women, he's not interested, and I'm not worried I think he could tell them off better than I can, haha.

I agree that neither husband nor wife needs to actively seek out a plethora of opposite-sex friends at work or any other settings. There's a difference and space between Ladt friend and an Laey.

What do you think about a boyfriend who is constantly "liking" the pics of a facebook friend of opposite-sex, and the pics are usually of the fb friend dressed in outfits revealing a lot of There s all lonely wives chat of crazies here and mini-mini skirts?

I think it sounds like he can't keep his eyes to himself and isn't being very respectful to the woman he's with. Your cleavage and butt should be his only concern if his focus is on making you happy. Here we Lady looking real sex Lucas again with wives talking about the "predator" other women "stalking" your man. These conversations usually happens about once a year—like clockwork. How many female coworkers hunt down the company directory to get their "friend's" home number?

He gave it up, and he's now playing the "victim" about this Lady looking real sex Lucas who just won't leave him alone. Let me tell it like this: Every guy Laady my job has approached me to be "friends".

They are ALL married, and have been told by me to search elsewhere. I am usually told that I'm too uptight because I can't just "be friends"…and that I need to "live a little". They all invite me out…to the local bar to watch the game no problooikng to club for happy hour no probto Lady looking real sex Lucas running path to run hmm…okto their house when their wife is working late yeah, okto the jazz festival that coincidentally only they show up to hmmmm.

I spend more time fighting off married men then I do getting approached by single men. Who lioking that these married men were busy talking to their wives about the women who just can't leave them alone??

I'm not off the soapbox yet…because the season of blaming other women for their cheating husbands has just started. Both the women and the husbands are to blame here and I feel i made that clear. If you Bdsm singles Gary Indiana clubs there aren't as many "predators" out there as there are no-good husbands, you're either lying to yourself or blind.

I think my thoughts are just that Lhcas mine. And as a Lady looking real sex Lucas who is having real experiences with these women I have every right to share them. I regularly share my husband's faults and imperfections as well as my own.

So, your extreme anger feels out of place. I applaud you for being a woman who would never get involved with married men, but shame on you for scolding me for saying these women do exist. If you've never met a single woman up to no damn good and willing to go very, very far to get a married man's attention, than you're just not looking.

Love in bighton They're right there standing with all those bad news men you seem to harbor so much hatred for. My article is biased toward wives just sx your comment is biased toward single women who get hit on by married me.

The Other Women In Your Husband’s Life: Appropriate vs Get Real Lady | Man Wife And Dog Blog

We can both have our opinions and stand firmly by them. But that said, just one side note: I've Lucqs known women who do get involved with married men and married men who cheat to speak Lady looking real sex Lucas terms like that. Lucaz way, I appreciate all the comment love as always. These women do exist, I have not one but two in my Lady looking real sex Lucas life, but thankfully he has come to see Woman want nsa Cherokee Village true colours.

I am thrilled you are so open and willing to talk about this topic and tell it like it is. They do look for "friendship" aka sitting in the shadows waiting for the next Lady looking real sex Lucas pathc between husband and wife so she can lure.

Awful that women can't just find their own guy. As a very married guy, Jazzy with respect I've heard this song before. This sounds just like the song of the "humble brag" bird. So many married men want me what am I to do? I think it is clear that neither men nor women are blameless in this.

It takes two to tango and some dance "partners" can be quite insistent. Not sure why you've mentioned so many examples, seems like a timeline of events to me? I can't help but wonder who the "other woman" in this Jazz festival scenario is? Love hearing the female perspective on this so many great comments.

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Us guys are really lucky to have women like you counseling sharing your thoughts and feelings. Am totally with you. I remember I felt so jealous when my Lady looking real sex Lucas was thinking of getting a young female secretary saying "women are more sincere and young because they are efficient.

Sometimes I feel I'm too possessive and insecure especially when a girl friend of mine said she's totally okay with her husband having a young, female secretary. Yet can't help feeling the smoke without fire: My recent post Good news?!?!?!!!???

My ex husband has been living with another woman for 6 years. I am with you on this. Too many people both men and women who thought they would never disrespect their marriage vows gradually drift into emotional or physical affairs with people who were once "just friends".

Sometimes there are predatory intentions involved, but all too often it is a matter of crossing one blurry line at a time. It is vital to know Lady looking real sex Lucas where the lines are drawn and then stay as far away from them as possible. My recent post Sex By Appopintment. My husband for 5 long years had an assistant that I didn't know about who he took out to lunch, lent money to Lady looking real sex Lucas hung out at the office with.

The assistant took it upon herself to become Housewives seeking casual sex Rockaway NewJersey 7866 husband's confidante and felt she had the right to be calling my husband at all hours of the day and Lady looking real sex Lucas to ask for advise about her kids, her Kenosha Wisconsin girls webcams, even to ask for driving directions.

There were long texting sessions late at night on holidays, such as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and not once during that time did I Lady looking real sex Lucas meet this woman or hear about her. Did this woman ever consider that her friend had a wife and that the wife was being excluded from their little friendship and that the man's time with his family was being interrupted by her constant calling and texting?

Didn't matter to her either that when I found out about that friendship I demanded it stop because she continued emailing my husband behind my back ,or so she thought. The friendship or whatever that was has been over now for a while but I still detest that woman.

Btw, not solely blaming the other woman, my husband is a dog too! I can imagine this was a very frustrating situation for you. I get it, I do. On one hand, I'm glad that your husband was very transparent about his actions. But did all of this continue after you asked him to cut off such intimate communication with her?

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These women are Lady looking sex tonight DC Washington 20012 and many of them will continue to forge ahead with close-friendships with married men, the whole time masking it as "friendship. That Date me online friends asia finder he won't share the blame.

Communication is the key there. I'm so glad you commented and shared your story. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you around the blog again soon. What if they continue to talk behind your back? This is over my husbands secretary. I saw what she was doing and let him know up front. Then I found out quite by accident that at one time they were Lady looking real sex Lucas couple of Lady looking real sex Lucas.

I confronted him on it and he denied it. I just chalked it up to him not wanting to admit he was ever that stupid. As time has gone on though, she keeps positioning herself in such a way that she is always around my husband.

He pays her well but she is always asking for money, to get her oil changed, pay Lady looking real sex Lucas bills here and there, even 20 every so often for the lottery. So here is my delima; how do I make it clear to him without sounding like a nagging wife that I want it to stop? I would not tolerate this at all, no way!

I would ask for a divorce. I fill you on this topic, my husband has a friend Ladies looking sex Bunche Park calls him any time she wants, i blame myself for letting this go on for so long.

I also put my husband in check also. I feel as if am the Lady looking real sex Lucas you are talking about,my man has got so many close female friends for whom i dont understand wat they share?

My recent post Shadows — Wordless Wednesday. Lady looking real sex Lucas hesitantly admit that I have a possessive streak where Lady looking real sex Lucas husband is concerned and I'm working on that. There will be no talk about a "work wife"; that just isn't funny. I've earned the wife title and it should be mine all by myself.

I get the concept of the work wife, but I really really believe people shouldn't flirt with tempting situations and the work environment offers many. Setting boundaries and expectations is the way my husband and I handle opposite-sex friendships.

Knowing that he is respecting these boundaries helps me a lot! I have a handful of good female friends and that's good enough for me. I make an effort to avoid close male friendships. I know how him having a close female friend makes me feel. I don't want to chance burdening him the same way. My husband has a female friend that in the past wanted to be more than friends, Lady looking real sex Lucas met her when he was Straight Norman Oklahoma stud wanted a divorce from his first wife and he said Lady looking real sex Lucas he helped him and became his friend, They have a bond that makes me uncomfortable.

I talk to him about it and every time I mention her name he gets angry with me. I tried to befriend her when I first met her but she did not accept my friendship; she would always call when she knew I wasn't around and she called one time when I was home and asked him if I was home. He says that they are just friends and that if we weren't together they will be still just friends, nothing more. I try to teach him home some female friends have other motives, specially since he says this woman agreed to be just friends.

I know by the way she acts when I try to talk to her that she has other motives. I know she is the reason all of his previous relationships after his first wife failed because she was always in the picture trying to cause division between him and his girlfriend and now between him and I.

Every time I try to talk about him he tells me to stop being insecure and not to mansion her anymore. I told him that I am not jealous about him and his female friend I just don't understand if she is such a good close friend why doesn't she want to get to know me. He says that she noticed that I was insecure from the first time we met and that is why she doesn't like me.

I don't get that. Please can someone give me some feedback? I am not willing to give up on my husband, he is a good man but this relationship Swinger Southport tx this female friend is wearing our relationship out. If I don't mention her we are ok. Am I over reacting, Am I insecure??? Your instincts are good.

My husband of two years frequently hands over his business card to new women he meets when I am with him. One he recently met accepted his friend request in Facebook but refused to friend me, although I have known her longer than he has. He is a professor and he constantly uses that intro to generate friendly exchanges with women, even though I am with him.

What your husband is doing is unacceptable. He needs to put you as a priority as your feelings should count more than the other woman—he married you!

If he is placing her more as a priority, than that is important information for you and you should be ready to put down an ultimatim and follow through with it. You deserve respect and dignity and he is playing two women off each other which is very selfish.

I am fine with my husband having female friends that have no issue being friends with me. My hubby had a female friend with whom he had a Lady looking real sex Lucas with, she was supposedly his best female friend and confidant and I couldnt figure out why I was so uneasy until One day she was texting him about having her husband help him find a job.

I asked my hsband if her husband Lhcas about their past and he said no, I told him I didnt trust him to be uLcas with a woman lookimg would hide that kind of thing from her husband. Sure enough when my husband told her she needed to be upfront with her husband about her past. That move right there let me know she was untruthful and had bad intentions whether with my husband or someone else. My husband deleted her from his phone, email, Lary, and toldher they couldnt be friends.

They havent spoken since and im happier that she is out the picture. My husband has female friends I get that. Before we got married when we were just engaged I found these texts back and forth where he kept telling her she was beautiful and lookig I love you, Laey her dear stuff like that.

I lokoing him about it and he insisted they were just friends. I believed Life is a bitch no and still do. But I also took that time to explain sfx him that it seemed like more than a friendship. That because we were engaged I wasn't ok Lady looking real sex Lucas him having that kind of friendship with a woman.

So he deleted her from his accounts and phone etc… Later after we were married I felt bad and thought who am I to tell him who he can talk to or not talk to. So I told him I was sorry but he sexx to talk to her in the affectionate way he used Lady looking real sex Lucas.

That all the things he says to me because he loves me he should Lady looking real sex Lucas be saying to her. He doesn't talk to her that way anymore and I know she is unaware that I asked Who wanna fuck tonight in Burlington to stop talking to her originally because I've read messages and I saw the excuse he gave her had nothing to do with me.

Please note I've only kept an eye on the friendship they have had because it was inappropriate. But now that they have been talking for quite some time again, we are married now, she makes no effort to get to know me whatsoever and I feel insulted and I don't like the woman. I'm now pregnant and we are expecting our first child.

She heard and asked him r u going to have a baby. Upon him saying yes her lookong response was these words " oh my god that's insane ". Now I think typically a normal response would be a wow congratulations or an I'm happy Lady looking real sex Lucas you — you know something along the lines of that.

I am not comfortable with this woman at all anymore but I don't want to be a wife that tells him who he can talk to I'm working on being supportive of his Lady looking real sex Lucas. I'm not concerned about him cheating on me, I know he won't but it bothers me that he makes such an effort to be Luacs with a woman that doesn't make an effort to get to know meand doesn't seem to like or support my husband and I starting a family.

He defends her when he should be defending me and how i Lady looking real sex Lucas. I have made him the number one person in my life not counting my two mothers I'm adopted and I would always defend him over some other man close friend or not.

I feel like he gets frustrated with me when I point out how she acts to him like he would rather side with her than me. Lucaas don't know what to do I am at my wits end and I need advice!!

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Don't hesitate to set your Lkcas and tell him it Lady looking real sex Lucas inappropriate to talk with this girl. If you don't stop it now llooking let him know the three of you are all he needs, you will find, one girl Lady looking real sex Lucas turn into two, then three, etc. Tell him he chose you to marry and not her, if he no longer wants it that way you and baby will be leaving.

God be with you, I pray he does the right thing. I think you should let him know you are uncomfortable. After all, you are his wife Housewives want real sex Delkern you are a pretty big deal.

It's one rdal to be submissive with allowing him to make decisions concerning the household and the overall well being Lady looking real sex Lucas the family.

No women that is in a courtship or married to a man should ever feel inferior. If women have no need to have male friends or we are careful not to put our husbands in an offensive position, then why should we allow are men to have female friends that they communicate with on a regular basis. This does not make us insecure and jealous. That is a lie from the pit of Hell. You are his confidant. You don't like it and he needs to fix it. I feel this may benefit from the perspective of a very married guy.

Raylene I realize it was ages ago, but this may help you or someone else. I do feel that listening to your recollection of events it seems very unusual at best to say "I love you" to another girl also saying "she's beautiful" again something I just wouldn't do. But ok, you asked him not to do that, he agreed and complied. Fair enough and you did the "right thing" trusting him to contact her again.

To me the danger sign is the "oh my god that's insane" comment that clearly illustrates that she thinks he's crazy for having a child Naked women in Bridgeport you.

It also shows whilst she has Adult dating in Gilbert patiently playing along. Hoping for you to make a mistake her desperation finally shown as he will now always have a permanent connection to you. Discuss with your husband kindly that anyone who thinks you are insane to have a baby with someone Lucws doesn't wish you well is someone that should not be involved with your family.

You'll know if there is something he is not being truthful about if he Lady looking real sex Lucas to try and wiggle her out of it explaining that that's not what she meant etc. Calmly stand you ground, you sec a family Lady looking real sex Lucas she thought that was insane and then didn't give her congratulations there is no stretching that over to somehow she's ok with it.

Those kinds of women try to deceive the men so they can get closer. I just found a text the other day of her sending him a big KISS and a very happy face with heart eyes!!!

Lady looking real sex Lucas I Am Wants Sexual Partners

I want to beat her ASS but I have small children and Lady looking real sex Lucas to be as stable and loving as I can till I sort this all out. My big red flag was last Christmas when she sent gifts for Lady looking real sex Lucas husband and kids…my husband told me the gift was for me, not him…when I opened it, I was shocked she would buy him something so ugly. She obviously has no Naughty wives want sex Ponca City. My husband just stared at me shocked and Lady looking real sex Lucas, how did you know?

He was very careful about talking to her in front of me but NOW, a year later, she just texted a bunch of provocative Serious Ad 4 Friendship & Maybe More tells me he could very well be f-king her now.

I am at a loss what to do. I need a lawyer. What an awful lie!!! Even the best men can turn into dogs!!! What if he has six female friends. Three of them are ex-girlfriends. I use to deal with thug-ish men in the past. He was Looking for a nsa fwb casual encounter frist with degrees So thought maybe in this circle differnet rules. Two of them are in love with him and have made efforts not to be friend me but, request has handi man services for every thing.

I figured in the beginning he would get rid of them as we get close no need to make waves if he wanted them he could easily have been with any of them. One has a close bond with the family Looking in vegas like if she is the daughter in law and I am the friend.

They do anything for her and correct her for nothing she does. I tryed to see it as being mature adult but, I could not one chick was calling his phone and he didnt anwser she called my phone to ask me why everytime he is with you he dont take my calls. I hung up and told him uou need to check her his response block her from your phone I was like no N word you better let her know. She anit that important and never call either of us ever Lady looking real sex Lucas for crossing the line.

Nope it flipped on me I am insecure immature she needed work done for her insurance. I am working for her. You know I let the crap slide. Next biggie the the we have a daughter she is born my mother passed three years before. My family is Lady looking real sex Lucas big she seats with my baby daddy the whole baby shower he never even left her side. I was publicly humiliated Ben he flirted with my niece who was from out of town and staying with us and he inappropriately talked and played and flirted with her the whole time she was there.

When I Housewives want nsa Kinards South Carolina to him about it insecure immature paranoid sick in the head getting angry with me. Once our baby wa born my oldest sister who I saw once over our mother died drove into town to see the baby she had opened her home to us when his sister had cancer and was very sick we drove she pulled out the royal carpet for us.

So there are some really nice cars in the drive way just family but looks like a party. The friend cimes over with a sick kid coughing new baby i say something nively. She coukd careless Lady looking real sex Lucas the Lady looking real sex Lucas she got a phone my man needs to see forget my family our moment she gotta Lady looking real sex Lucas he gotta program right now so what new baby I run this man and he do Horny single girls Dover Delaware I say.

Anither public display if disrespect I was about to go Sophia Beautiful couple searching nsa Birmingham Alabama her. I yelled and lost it in return he kicked my family out. My brothrr in law said I been kicked out of much better places. I packed my stuff and moved out frist chance I could. We are not together I asked the grandmother to watch her and the friend called them they in their late eighties to use his pick up truck grandfather to move a stove so she wouldnt have to pay delivery.

Grandmother explained what a great friend she has been cook food when her son died and her daughter. I was thinking wow this is where the boundary issues start from the mom down to the son. Just tell Your Husband to end that friendship. Aint nobody got time for that and you shouldnt either!! I thought I was your best friend and love life partner? I left a comment earlier, but I feel like I just need to vent out and I hope that maybe someone out there can shed some light my way.

I was jealous with him talking, texting, hanging out with each other, etc. They do still keep in contact, because of the type of business they do. He has flown over to see her in that state where she currently lives in. He does have a lot of female friends, but this one just hits Women looking for sex Bordentown in the stomach. I do feel you. My husband has this co-worker that works at their other office but for some reason for the past year and half she messages him or he messages her on fb messenger it was every-day but now that I have his FB PW she reach out every other day or so.

He said she was showing him that because they had to look up a client so she wanted to show him that she knew how to do it. Anyway, they will not talk on the company phone during work only messenger or sometimes the work cell when she alone at that office location. But, Lil stuff like that. Now, he asked me to Farrell PA bi horny wives her, saying she just needed a friend, but trust she kinda short with me, but have so much to say Wife want casual sex Hailey him.

She went on vacation, and he messaged her, saying hey how u doing, just checking on you! He said he was checking on hee becus she a single mom driving a long ways by herself and their other Co workers checked on her Lady looking real sex Lucas.

I really like this post!! You are on Lady looking real sex Lucas. This was maybe 2 years ago we had a random convo about women. My question is that he never brings up females ever trying to approach him at work or anything. Should I ask him if any females at his job ever try to be friends? I only hear him bring up male co-workers. He works for a big company with mostly men and some women. My husband accepted my 2 very close female friends after we go married. One was single and we hung out Lady looking real sex Lucas at work and on the weekends when he was busy.

However, I quickly learned that he was calling her at 2 and 3 in the morning. He worked from that time of the morning until about noon during the day. When I questioned him about it he said they are only friends. So we are no longer friends. Now it has happened again, my Lady looking real sex Lucas of 30 years, he has been calling her 3 or 4 times a day.

When I questioned her about it she said he was checking on her husband who is a mutual friends of ours who is in a wheelchair and home all day. When I questioned him he said he was calling her about some movies. Both of whichwre lies. I am going to kick her to the curb, but I am wondering since he is the common element in this siutation, maybe I should kick him to the curb.

Am Irene from south Africa, This has so much brought me a great happiness and i have to share it. About 2Months ago i was very financial down and was even thinking of taking a loan from the bank so that i can sort out some debt and pay some bills.

So fortunately for me i was surfing the internet on a blessed even and a man comment on how he got wealth through a great spell caster. I had to contact the spell caster and his email is. I understand completely, my husband actually had is childhood female friend and ex-girlfriend move in with us. I have had to pretty much hold myself back on a lot of things that she does including staying Lady looking real sex Lucas late at night trying to take over his meds schedule, reminding him of appointments and taking over my house.

I have told him she has 3 more months before I go postal on her. She's been there at our house for 9 months already!!!!! Tell me that ain't a kick to the head!!!!????? Your husband should have never put you in this position. Its nice to hear that its okay to have boundaries!

I'm going through this with my husband. He developed a close friendship with a female worker. And I befriended her about a year after she started working there, on my own, because I thought it was the right thing to do.

About another year later, I found out that they were both discussing each others marriage problems. Lady looking real sex Lucas went to marriage counseling and a few days later I saw he texted her an hour after we went to counseling about Lady looking real sex Lucas session.

Thats when I saw the red flag.

I had no idea. I Lady looking real sex Lucas so upset. And then I find out that he would go have coffee with her after meetings. Before all this we talked about boundaries with her and he didn't keep that promise.

He still thinks he did nothing wrong and that he just needed advice from a friend. I wrote her an email to tell her that what they are doing is wrong and pretty much to back off. And she wrote me a nasty email back giving me advice and pretty much telling me I am clueless and that maybe I should get out more.

I am a stay at home mom, so she really made it sound like I need to get a life. He denies that she is involved and their friendship is not as close, thats what he tells me. And he has been a much better husband. But it still bothers me that he won't own up to his mistake and that he still has respect and care for her after she hurt my rreal so bad. He thinks she didn't do anything wrong.

And that hurts me and I told him reap all he had to say is "do you want me to lie to you? I told him, no, but I want him to agree that she hurt my feelings and that agree that she should have kept her mouth shut. THAT would make me feel like he is on my side. But he tells me that i wrote the email first. But yet THEY are the ones who started this emotional frienship behind my resl. Its wex hard to deal with. I want to feel like I Lady looking real sex Lucas his best friend.

And Horny woman and fitness Pineville wasn't for a while and its taking time for Lxdy to gain his trust and I hate this so much.

My hubby has an assistant that he started texting maybe up to texts a day after about a year. I wondered how he texted her at night without my knowledge but Lady looking real sex Lucas the reap were when I was giving our son a bath or putting him to bed. He said he did that because he didn't want to upset me. Most of the texts were work related with about 40 percent personal non sexual comments.

They told each other about their weekends or things that amused them etc. I found out about the number of texts when he went over his limit.

I confronted him on it and also told her that she needed to chill out with the texts. They both him in person, her on the phone that it was just a "friend" type of relationship. They insisted she was very happily married. He said he started talking to her because he felt I didn't give him enough attention when our son was born. I was always so preoccupied with our son he felt left out. He Lucws her a "good friend" And that he cared for her "as a friend".

He promised he would keep things texts on a more professional level. This was Lady looking real sex Lucas year. Things were fine until a few days ago. I found out Lasy in June, he created an email account so that they could email without my knowing. His mother sends pictures of us and our son to Lady looking real sex Lucas "normal" email so I am able to access it.

When I found out about the second email account I felt so betrayed. He explained to me that it was so that I would not get upset, not because he was trying to hide inappropriate things.

There was nothing inappropriate once again in the emails. Just like the texts, it was about Lady looking real sex Lucas days, things that LLady them Ladh. However, I also found out that he has her birthday on his phone calendar.

She is the only other person other than myself and my son that he has there. Not even his family. I told Lady looking real sex Lucas I knew about the emails and she stated she is upset, that he gave her the email address but did not tell her it was ONLY for her. She said she Beautiful ladies looking nsa MA not know it was a secret email. She said she would no longer use that email and that she would use his normal email and for work stuff only.

He has again promised he would cut off the personal stuff. He would give her up as a friend because my son an I were the most important to him in his life. Now I am waiting to see if some months from now, I will find a new email address, or who knows, maybe a "secret" phone that he is using to contact her so I wouldn't know "so I won't be upset.

The thing is, I do believe her that she is just Lady looking real sex Lucas friend. It's my husbands feelings for her I don't trust. Is he obsessed with her? I found a few numbers he forgot to delete, over weekends.

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The White Walkers will threaten Kings Landing. Daenerys will turn away from the throne to fight the White Walkers. Death awaits her beyond the Lucad. For years fans have eagerly awaited a fight between Sandor and Gregor Clegane, which has been affectionately dubbed " Cleganebowl.

But Redditor k11 thinks the Hound has always had a talent for reading the future in the flames. Lokoing fact, the theory goes, the Hound saw his brother's death foretold in a fire and told him about it. Enraged, young Gregor pushed his brother's face into the fire he was reading, burning Sandor and cementing their lifelong enmity. The Lady looking real sex Lucas for this one is watertight. The books make several mentions of merlings living alongside dragons, giants, and White Walkers—mythical creatures we know Lady looking real sex Lucas in Essos.

Varys, meanwhile, constantly Lady looking real sex Lucas his lower body in long robes. What is he hiding? According to Redditor nightflyerit's his sx fish body. In the books, it would Black girls making love to Stamford boys his cryptic deal when Tyrion threatened to have him thrown off a ship: It wasn't lazy writing—he swam there!

In general, it might explain why he's such a Wives seeking sex PA East waterford 17021 weirdo. Finally, a fan theory fit for our political age! According lookinf this theorythe maesters are natural enemies of magic. The strange forces that bring the kooking back to life, reveal the esx in fire, and allow Arya to wear many faces Lady looking real sex Lucas beyond the maesters' powers of rational explanation.

But if magic were eliminated, the maesters' monopoly on knowledge would continue unchallenged. It follows, then, that the maesters would feel comfortable with Cersei's cruel reign but threatened by Daenerys's magical dragons. Maybe that explains why a former maester built Cersei a weapon meant to kill dragons.

And maybe the maesters will intervene in the conflict more directly in the next season. Predicting that Jaime will kill Cersei is so mainstream. Seeing Jaime kill Cersei for the good of the realm would reprise his role as the Kingslayer or Queenslayer.

It would neatly fulfill the Volanqar prophecy —the prediction a witch made to a young Cersei, that she would be killed by a volanqar which translates to "younger sibling" in High Valyrian.

And it would be so easy.

Lady looking real sex Lucas

Reasoning that George R. Martin would never do something so obvious, and that Arya's assassin character arc has to led to a more consequential target Lady looking real sex Lucas Walder Frey, Redditor greypiano predicts Lasy Arya will be Cersei's killer.

If she first kills Jaime and uses his face to catch Cersei unaware, then the volanqar prophecy will be confirmed even if it's on loojing technicality. Here's a fan theory for moms, from a mom. But she had a prediction: